Custom Doodles

I'm doing custom doodles for anyone that wants one! Paper size is A5 and the price is 40 euros. If you're interested comment or email me at:

Fall 2015 Doodles

I drew my favorite 8 looks from each fashion week city. Starting with Paris, Milan, London and then New York. And now I'm done with looking at fashion for a LONG TIME!

Runway Sketches

I've been paying little attention to the Fall 2015 runway shows. I've been checking a few out here and there but ugh it's making me tired already. Maybe because I've been staying tuned for 3 weeks? Off and on. Anyway I've drawn 3 pencil sketches from Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, Gucci and Jacquemus. Back at art school ALL THOSE YEARS AGO I had a lecturer that would make the studio class draw a million times over our already existing work. We would do this for 3 hours and end up with a complete mess but it was great fun. So I'm still doing this!

pasta party

I'm currently on a break from eating pasta. I ate it almost everyday for 2 weeks! I didn't put on any weight or anything, I just got a mega flu from it? Maybe? I love you forever pasta but we need a long long break.

Hello blog and readers? Are there any readers? I get the feeling leaving comments is a thing of the past because in this day and age we're all clicking on the heart button or the "like" button on our computers or phones. What happened to the world? Anyway I thought I would share with everyone my latest work. I teamed up with All the pretty birds and collaborated with this little doodle. There will be more illustrations like these in collaboration with All the pretty birds so stay tuned.
Please read the article on the website here
All the pretty birds

The piece is about just not having enough time to keep in contact with friends. Sometimes life gets in the way, and thats true. But what about those friends who just NEVER write back for weeks, months or years on end? I've had a lot of those as soon as I moved to another country, most were people I considered my closest friends too. I just put it down to this now...
A. They're mother fucking lazy
B. They were never your friends to start off with, don't value your friendship enough to get off their asses and text, call or email me.
C. They just had a horrible freak accident and can't use anything to communicate with. OR
Ever had this happen to you?

Here are some beauty products. I own none of these but I’m going to buy Replica very soon. So this is the first drawing I’ve been able to make sitting at my desk. Ever since I had varicose vein surgery back in my leg ( 3 months ago ugh) I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING…like sit at a desk without pain. I’m feeling pain right now so I’m going to go sit on the couch and watch some tv. 
and Happy new year!

Christmas Holidays

A few months ago I bought an instax mini 8 just to be nostalgic, plus I haven’t used one in years and years. I really wished I had bought the Fujifilm instax 210 though, the size between them isn’t really much at all! Plus the images are sharper and clearer than the Instax mini. Anyway this little polaroid is good for spare of the moment instant pics. These are just a few I took over the Christmas holiday period. I mainly just ate, walked around the country town and then ate some more. 

Shop Super Street christmas wrapping paper

I've illustrated a brand new christmas themed wrapping paper for L.A store, Shop Super Street. You should check out their online shop