Today my artworks are featured on KALTBLUT's online magazine so go check it out! There are a few new pieces I haven't shared with anyone up there so go take a lil look.

Over The TOP

A friend and I were having a conversation the other day about fashion trends and street style. We agreed that everything is just way over the top, and wearing a million colours don't = fashionable!
I drew the cartoon above just to show you what I mean. Its a combination of what I've seen seeing at fashion week and on the blogs. Is this what fashion has become? REALLY? But anyway each to their own.


ITS FINALLY GOOD WEATHER! So good that I left the house in tshirt + jeans and went out most of the day. I took photos of everything blooming then did some shopping, had a drink at a café, sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Anyway I just wanted to share these blooming pictures with everyone. You have no idea how good it is to have "warmer" weather here in Paris after a long winter. I mean the winter wasn't THAT bad, I just can't stand the cold. You can take the girl out of Australia but you can't take Australia out of the girl....something like that?


I feel stupid for not mentioning here on my blog that I have an online store! Its a bigcartel store with a few prints up for sale.

Chanel Bags

I had a little look over the fall 2014 Chanel season just for the accessories and I liked them enough to make a little graphic wallpaper. I hardly ever do graphic work so I'm trying to do way more. I want to do more collections too, any suggestions or favorites?

Fall 2014 Doodles

Top to bottom: Prada // Marni // Miu Miu // Moschino // Jil Sander

While I was watching the live streams or flicking over style.com images of the Fall 2014 shows I would grab a piece of paper and draw these girls in whatever collection grabbed my eye. It takes me around 10-30 minutes to draw these so its just a bit of fun for me to draw like a child, a big step away from what I usually do. These are drawn with ink pen and coloured in with markers. I was thinking of finishing them all with illustrator and make it look flashy pants, but I like the child look.

Shop Super Street

Last month I was asked by Shop Super Street to design a pattern for their store's wrapping paper. I came up with some eyes with lashes and lips. So next time you buy something from Shop Super Street, you'll have your item wrapped in my artwork. Check out their online store! Its SO good.
photo by the haute pursuit


I finally made myself a website! I spent a good week and a half on this, even with a nasty flu. I finally did it. I've also got a new online store you can check out too if you want to.


Fall 2014

Here are my favorite runway looks from the fall 2014 season. It seems as though this season was a mixture of spring and winter? global warming? eh anyway I had a few favorites, very few actually. These were some highlights: Céline, Simone Rocha and Jil Sander. My absolute favorite was Jil Sander. Mainly because I could see each and every piece working in my daily wardrobe and the colour palette was dreamy.

You maybe have noticed this week I've resized my images and got rid of a lot of them on my social media like instagram, tumblr and here in this blog. I found out someone was printing my work and doing whatever they liked with it. You just never know what happens with your content online, so I'm going to be a bit picky with what I put online and I'll resize them down so they aren't easily printed out etc etc by randoms. You know if you want to have my work you can buy it online.
I'm in the process of making a website (which should be live this Monday) and my online store should be up and running that same day. So stop stealing artwork online and BUY IT!

Nasty Gal Collaboration

Just before NYFW started I was asked to draw up some looks from NYFW fall 2014. I drew these with my markers. I'm really into drawing this way, so easy and fun.
So we have from the top: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rosie Assoulin, Jeremy Scott, Proenza Schouler, DKNY and Rodarte.
Click this link to see more