31 August 2014

Fall 2014 doodles

Here are the LAST of my Fall 2014 doodles. I've been drawing these little doodles for almost a year now and I'm a bit tired of it. I might get back to drawing some details and textures! I know I say this now but in a few days the Spring 2015 collections are going to start up so we shall see. Anyway enjoy these or something.

24 August 2014

back to painting

For christmas last year I got a box full of Caran D'ache gouache paints and I haven't been using them much at all this year, only to paint a few paintings I've done in the pictures above. I've made around 5 of them now and I can't stop. I guess I find it pleasing to the eyes and I like getting back to painting patterns like I used to so so many years ago. Here is a fun fact! When I was a teenager I had a family friend who had her own indigenous fashion label and I helped her paint aboriginal designs onto her fabrics. It was a little job but I really really enjoyed dot painting onto hemp fabric pants. I had that job very briefly though (also I want to add the family friend and I are Aboriginal, just incase you thought we were white australians ripping off aboriginal culture, we're not! hate those people). After that I went to art school and started making my own paintings and prints onto clothing and fabrics but stopped. I should have kept going! I don't even remember how to screen print anymore, sad. If only I could go back to art school just to do those things again. I wish I kept my little patterns too, they must  have gotten lost over the years.

Anyway I'm painting a lot of these pictured above. I have a few to give out to friends as gifts and if you're interested in a painting like this email me or wait for my upcoming shop. I've been using society6 for a few months but I'm a bit eh about that. It feels so impersonal. I'll get back to you blog when I figure that out. Or maybe no one buys artwork online anymore?

04 August 2014

It sucks being a girl!

This blog post is about how annoying it is to be a woman, or man skincare wise. Being a woman isn’t annoying at all! Unless its that time of the month. Anyway I don’t consider myself to be high maintenance at all. I never got into makeup thank god because that is one expensive scene I want to stay away from, plus I like looking like me 24/7.  So the other day I was so annoyed at taking a shower in the morning. I thought "fuck am I going to do this every single day for the rest of my life?" YES, I’ve been doing that since I learnt how to shower myself (like the rest of the world duh). Then when I got into the shower I was like ugh I have to wash my body, hair, shave my pits and legs bah when is it all going to end! But once I’m in the shower I find it hard to get out and I quit my complaining because I need to get clean, otherwise I’ll stink and make myself sick throughout the day. 

As soon as I’m out of the shower I start on my face, something I take VERY seriously. You may not know this about me but I’m obsessed with skincare products. I’ve tried almost everything thats out there and it all started when I was 14 and started to get little whitehead pimples on my forehead. I started out using the generic Clearasil cleansers and toner. My mum always made me use sorbolene cream for my full body and face since I can remember. I don’t think using Clearasil or any product out there really worked for my skin because once puberty was over my skin problems vanished and in my 20s I had great looking skin thanks to cleansing, toning and moisturising with a high SPF …..UNTIL I HIT 30 AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE ON MY FACE!!!!!!!!@@$$#%!@#@#!!!!

I will just tell you what cleared up my face = MARIO BADESCU. How did I find out about Mr Badescu? I fuck load of internet research. I couldn't find 1 bad review on youtube or on those forums for bad feedback. I'm sure their products haven't worked out for everyone but it worked out just fine for me. Here are a list of products I used to clear up my face. BUT my face still isn't 100% clear like it used to be. I have to get microdermabrasion to get rid of the small scars from popping pimples ewww. 

Cleanser: I used the Acne facial cleanser duh because I have acne on my cheeks. I found it to be pretty light and non greasy or milky etc. You basically put a tiny amount onto your hand and a lil bit of water to foam it up and start working it into your skin and wah la clean face times. I also like to water my face down with warm water to open up the pores then clean my face with the cleanser, then use warm water to wash off THEN blast my face with extremely cold water to close up the pores. 

Toner: Special cleansing lotion "C". There are 2 different types of this toner, the other is for backnee (back acne). This is a standard toner and I'm pretty sure you know what to do with it. I love it because I have oily skin and it keeps the oil at bay. Stupid oil.

Moisturiser: Oil free moisturier 30 SPF. I was born in Australia and as you know the sun there is extremely harsh so wearing SPF is a must! I've been wearing it ever since I was a kid and I can't tell everyone enough to wear it every single day, even in winter. My dad has only ever worn suncream his whole life and looks at least 10 years younger (this could be due to awesome italian genetics). So this moisturiser... I can't live without it. Like I said before, I have oily skin and this is very non greasy and does the job and lasts foreeeeeeeever. My last bottle lasted me about 7 months and its only 59ml.

Night cream: Seaweed night cream. This stuff calms down everything on my face and I like to put it in the fridge so it cools me down even more. The next day I always wake up to a plump soft face, like a babies bottom (not that I go around touching babies bottoms but you get the point). 

And here are some other side products I love to use. This includes the rest of your body too. Here we go. I hope I haven't bored everyone with my ranting and raving about Mario Badescu. I understand if you have left your computer screen. OK on with the show.

Silver powder: This stuff gets rid of blackheads. I've always had these motherfuckers and the silver powder gets rid of em all in 20 minutes and it tones up the skin too. I also love that there are only 3 ingredients for this. It shows their products aren't full of shit you have no idea are and are probably damaging for your skin.

Drying lotion: Pretty self explanatory, this drying lotion will dry out your whiteheads or whatever you have going on your face. It has calamine to calm down the pimple while the salicylic acid will dry and kill it. I put it on before going to bed and wake up to a some what calmed down or vanished pimple. Another product I can't live without.

Eye cream: Chamomile eye cream. I wish I had been using eye cream as soon as I turned 21. I have zero wrinkles but I think the younger you are the quicker you should be moisturising under your eyes. Just incase they come in? Like I said, I've got no wrinkles yet but its always good to take care of that delicate skin area. 

Hand cream: Resurrection aromatique hand balm. I don't know why but when I hit 30 my hands became so so dry. I felt like one of my primary school teachers flipping my book pages with a licked finger eww. They were so dry which is weird because I'm a pretty oily person. I've seen Aesop products all over the internet and it all turned me off for years because it seemed so hipster and I didn't want to join the hipster train choo choo. I caved in on my birthday this year and tried out their hand cream and since then I have been hooked onto most of their products. I like that they're Australian and pretty safe. Not too harsh ingredients in there (I have very sensitive skin and rash out). 

Body moisturiser: And once again we have another Aesop product for my body = Geranium leaf body balm. I love this product but I just wish it came in a 2lt pump bottle! I'm almost already out of it. Thats my only problem but other than that it smells like a dream and is light on the skin. 

Body wash: Oh god another Aesop....I love to wash my body with the Geranium leaf body cleanser. I've tried almost every cleanser at the french pharmacy (again more online reading about about fabulous the french pharmacies are....pfft they're no better than any other pharmacy worldwide. Just because its french doesn't mean anything). I stopped using soap when I was 16 because it dries me out and I've used almost EVERY body wash there is...I think everyone has right? I'm hooked on this Aesop body wash forever. I just like smelling like a giant flower everyday.

Lips: We've all tried every lip balm out there huh. As a kid I always used vaseline on my lips and I miss that. I've been using Lucas' Pawpaw for about a year now and its been ok. I remember in primary school all the rich white girls used it so I always thought it was some kind of golden thing back then. Now that I'm an adult it is just a lip balm! I bought it while I was in Australia last year and it was so so much cheaper than what it is in Europe. Why? WHY?

Deodorant: I don't have any preference for deodorant at all. I find it all to be the same no matter what. Unless you buy those BIO hippy deodorants. For a few months I was using a bio deodorant and I was sweating like all hell and it was the worst experience for me. I was sweating into all my shirts and had to change them twice a day. I almost went to the doctors to ask what is up with my perspiration? My boyfriend pointed out that I should stop being a hippy and buy a normal roll on deodorant and I might notice a difference. He was right. I buy those generic store roll ons now. I use Narta and I'm no longer sweating into my shirts.

Perfume: I have a few favorite perfumes. My apartment was robbed 2 months ago and they stole my Marc Jacobs daisy which I do love and it is one of my favorites for summer smells. Last weekend I bought the Comme des Garçons Play Red. Its now in my list of favorite smells. The next perfume I want to buy is Maison Martin Margiela's Lazy Sunday Morning. Smells like heaven.

Makeup: I've never been a serious makeup person because to tell the truth I think makeup is annoying. I can't imagine myself spending minutes or hours on my face. I'm too much of a tomboy to wear it. I have nothing against anyone for wearing makeup, its just not for me. I like to look like me and to have fresh clean skin. I always wonder how many times girls reapply makeup at music festivals? it must slide off the face within an hour? I do have 1 item of makeup and thats the DiorShow iconic waterproof mascara. I've always invested in a good mascara. Come to think of it this is the only mascara I've ever bought my whole life. But I only ever started buying it when I was 23 years old. 

Brows: I like to tweeze, I'm old school like that.

And this brings me to the end of my It sucks being a girl rant for today. After all that writing about all the products I use on my face and body you can see why its annoying? I find it annoying. One day I want to wake up in the morning and just shower and splash my face with water and get on with the day, no products! Do we really need all these products? I asked my brother when I was in Australia "what do you use on your face? your skin is amazing", he just said "ahh nothing...water". I'm super jealous of his skin and maybe thats what we should all be doing? water? I want to try it one of these days but I do love washing myself and being a girl I guess. Ugh I hope you enjoyed this long post. I thought I may as well actually blog something for once because I've been very quiet for a while. I'll try to make more interesting posts from now on. I hope you didn't fall asleep!!! it took me over an hour to write this shit so please don't sleep.

23 July 2014

New patterns and boxes

Since I got back from Australia my health has been really really poor. The 18hr flight fucked up with the varicose veins in my lower leg and I even spent the night in hospital, it was that bad! Its been 2 weeks since and I'm still in pain and limping around the apartment, splashing my veins with cold water 4 times a day and taking lots of medication for the pain. Argh this heat aint helping either. Anyway apart from my grumblings its given me time to sit down (I mean l ay down in bed) and draw. The cactus and sea life like drawing is something from my childhood. The reason I went home last month was because I had a death in the family, so that drawing was based on my childhood spent at the sea and the massive cactus plants I used to play in at my nona's house (it was a massive plantation of cactus that me and my cousins would sneak in past to get to the neighbours backyard or we would just play in there). I'm going to get around to having the cactus pattern printed onto fabric, then I'll decide what to do with it later. I actually tested out what the pattern would look like on my empty and other stories boxes.

03 July 2014


I've been drawing all morning trying to fight jet lag and over thinking everything in life. This is part 1 of a series of 3. I'll be adding more throughout the month...I think.
TOP: Prada, Topman, D&G

23 May 2014

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations at Les arts décoratifs

I wish I could have taken more photos from this exhibition but the security were all over everyone like Mike Tyson at a beauty pageant! PAS PHOTO PAS PHOTO! Anyway this is all I got without them yelling PAS PHOTO and scaring the shit out of me. I really really enjoyed this exhibition, I just want to wear everything. I do love me some Dries but after seeing this exhibition I love him even more.  If you're in Paris go check it out at Les arts Décoratifs, open until the 31st of August 2014. Not to be missed!

22 May 2014


I've been working on a series of these paintings. I have no idea what they are yet but I'll figure it out soon. For now they relax me while I paint. More to come I guess.

12 May 2014


I haven't really been in the drawing mood lately. I haven't really drawn anything I'm particularly happy about. I've been watching a lot of movies, tv shows and reading instead of drawing. Maybe I'm a bit bored? If I had a studio with space to create and a whole heap of art supplies I might do something else. I would love to get back into silk screening and make textiles or paint large scale paintings or even try get into pattery. I'm pretty limited right now with the small space I'm working with, I draw at my desk in the corner of my bedroom and my apartment is only 35 square metres without a balcony. Yes, I live in a small yogurt pot! Anyway sorry to complain but I'm going to take a little break from arts. Maybe? I do like drawing these little women above though. LE SIGH